NQF 5 (SAQA ID: 74149) | Programme Structure

Programme Structure

The Programme Structure of this Qualification is the following:

The learner will complete 2 modules at a time. The Workbooks and Portfolio’s will be couriered to the learner or the Learner can collect the material directly from our offices in Benoni. The Learner will also be given a schedule based on the set curriculum, this will tell the learner information on the workshop (which will be held in central points around the country) days and what the Portfolios are due for submission. Remediation might be requested by the Assessor to complete. This will be handled by the assessor and the learner.

Once we have received the Portfolios for assessment. The Learner will receive the second two modules to complete. Again, a schedule will be given to the Learner with regards to Workshops and submission dates. Once the second two Portfolios have been submitted and accepted, the learner will receive the last module material and information regarding the FISA (Final Integrated Summative Assessment) which in this case forms an exam.

The workshops for this section will be for the final module and an exam preparation workshop. The Learner will complete the portfolio for the final module. Once the Learner has been found competent for all the modules, they can progress onto the FISA part of the Qualification.

The Exam will take place at central points around the country and will be communicated to the learner.


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