The assessment method for this programme is by:

1. Portfolio of Assessments, and
2. Examination.

The contribution to the final mark is as follows:

1. Successfully Completed Portfolio of Assessment, and
2. Pass the Examination.

Entrance to the examination is dependent on the successful completion of Portfolio’s for each Module. To pass the Qualification a final combined mark of 50% is required.

If you are not entirely satisfied with the outcome of your assessment you can follow the following procedure:


Discuss your concerns with the assessor. The assessor should try to work out a mutually satisfactory solution with you


If you are not satisfied with the proposal in Phase 1, you must complete the appeals form in writing and submit it to the site contact, skills development practitioner or moderator. The reasons for the appeal must be clearly motivated. The site contact/skills development practitioner/moderator must call a meeting with the assessor and learner within 72 hours of receiving the appeal.

A mutually agreed decision will be made at this meeting and could be:

• That the assessor reassesses the learner
• That the assessor re-assess the learner with the site contact / Moderator present
• That another assessor assesses the learner

The outcome of this must be recorded in writing – the original will be placed on the learner’s file and a copy sent to the site contact/ Moderator


If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal the company SDF / Moderator can contact the relevant Learnership coordinator/ETQA manager and another meeting will be set up. The decision made at this meeting will be final and the results must be recorded in writing and the original kept on the learners file.
Please see Annexure ‘B’ for a copy of the Appeal form.

The Sub-minimum Pass Rate

The sub-minimum for the exam is 50% to pass therefore If a learner achieves between 40% and 49%, the learner will be allowed to write a supplementary exam because this exam date will be communicated to the learner and it will allow the learner enough time to prepare.

Any exam mark below 40% will be subject to a re-write of the exam resulting in an additional cost of R400 per exam that need to be re-written.


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